iCandy to Gobble

Saw this in the NYT (thanks Todd Lappin) and wanted to share. Great list of apps and images compiled by Brian Roberts, better known to his Instagram fans as Doctor Popular. Sweet eye candy, eh? Now if only I could get my daughter to give me back my iPhone.

10 Great Apps for Photography

1. Camera+ — Edits, crops and filters images.

2. Instagram — The most popular tool for sharing iPhone photos.

3. SynthCam — An experimental app that recreates a narrow depth-of-field effect.

4. TrueHDR — Combines bright and dark areas of a scene to create more even lighting.

5. Hipstamatic — Replicates vintage camera effects with various “lenses” and “films.”

6. Interlacer — Splices multiple images together, line by line. Simple but useful.

7. Decim8 — Distorts and pixelates images in many ways.

8. Percolator — Turns photos into mosaics of brightly colored circles

9. Juxtaposer — A collage tool to cut up and overlay various images

10. Magic Shutter — Captures long or multiple exposure photos.

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