Immunotherapy / Fred Hutch goes viral

The unprecedented success of clinical trails conducted by Fred Hutch’s Dr. Stan Riddell created our first truly viral news event. Dr. Riddell shared his findings at the annual AAAS convention in Washington, DC and within a few days, news had reached more than 40 countries and 200+ global media outlets. One video of his work has been viewed more than 4.5 million times, site traffic has doubled to as well as our clinical trials pages and emails from potential patients asking to join his ongoing trial starting arriving daily.

BEFORE/AFTER images of patients treated with CAR-T t cells:


Number of views to a single New Cancer Killer? video about Dr. Riddell’s work as of March 21, 2016:AJviews.jpg

And a front-page graphic about his work in a Hong Kong paper that lead to some patient emails asking to join a CAR-T t cell trial:

car t cell graphic.jpg

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