Expedia’s New Homepage

Expedia’s current opt-in homepage is testing both a new page UI as well as enhanced wizard/search functionality (IP sniff, type-ahead, section headings). Anchoring the page with an image that is highly engaging and experiential in nature focuses the user on the task of entering key dates and location for a trip so we can surface those options more quickly and effectively.

As for image editing, the wizard and our responsive design process requires a sourcing strategy that meets the following criteria:

• 16: 9 aspect ratio, 300 ppi/4000p optimal resolution with licensing rights to enable Social sharing across platforms).
• Visual complexity of composition should either be uniform over entire image, or towards the top half of the image. Complexity could also be on either side, or both sides of the image, but towards the top is preferred.
• Lighting/Composition: Golden hour (dawn/dusk) lighting with scenes that draw the viewer in with perspectives that are unique or unexpected.

expedianewhomefull image paris image skyline

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