Below are links to long-form narrative stories I developed and edited at Conservation Magazine:

Confronting Corruption
Ofir Drori is winning the battle against corruption in conservation by refusing to ignore it

By Tom Clynes
Conservation Magazine, Winter 2010

The Green Cross

Whether it’s gushing oil or oozing red sludge— we need a Green Cross to help respond to environmental emergencies

By John McQuaid
Conservation Magazine, Winter 2010

Closed Source Crops

A handful of giant corporations are laying claim to the world’s major food crops

By Paul Salopek
Conservation Magazine, Summer 2011

Vanishing Point
Rising seas are forcing the island nation of the Maldives to confront an obliterated future—and all options for survival are on the table

By Bucky McMahon
Conservation Magazine, Spring 2011
Edited Reprint from GQ

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